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hehe interesting how midwives say no spicy food! I'm eating spicy food right and left (7 months now) and like you said, what do they do in other countries? It's interesting this whole dog day business, and the 40 week/10 month thing makes perfect sense to me. the 9 month thing really does your head in when you're trying to correlate the weeks/months.

thanks for a humorous and always interesting update


Just want to pipe in and say that the Indian curry place near my workplace was one of my favorite places to eat during my pregnancy. They say the baby can taste the foods you are eating via the amniotic fluid so their culinary education is already starting in the womb. My theory is that a varied diet while pregnant will help you have a kid who will be interested in lots of different foods!


this shrine was recently on "shinzanmono" the sunday drama on tbs.

interesting bit on the spicy food, one of my friends ate jalapenos for most of her pregnancy, her child is fine.

Sara A

I went to this very same shrine when I was pregnant with my son. I did wrap my stomach. I had a student who was a midwife and she showed me how... it felt very good when done right! I have a photo of myself and good friend at the shrine (was a very rainy day). Seems like yesterday but those babies (both born easily) both just graduated from college last month! Good luck with everything. I love your blog since it is pretty darn natsukashii for me!


I was wondering if this was the same shrine as the one on Shinzanmono and the other commenter already confirmed it 8-)

Are you warned against eating sushi? Most warnings in the US are with regards to lysteria, so you aren't supposed to eat certain cheeses such as brie, or even lunchmeat, or sushi (I did anyway)


uoo that's a nice place to visit! hope to be there sometime :D


I ate spicy food (read: raw chili peppers) like a fiend when I was pregnant and had super easy labor, gave birth naturally, and my baby is the healthiest child I know so it's OK :)


Lil, Claire and Idlehouse, sounds like lots of women like spicy food when they're pregnant! I agree that variety is a great thing, both for mom and baby. I'm completely ignoring all the nutrition advice my midwives give me and will happily continue enjoying the hot stuff, and hope the babe has tastes as varied as mine.

Kat and Donna, I don't follow that show but Hideaki says he's seen them filming it a few times. Looks like they show lots of local scenery.

Congratulations on the graduations, Sara A! I'm trying to keep an open mind about these traditions, but I just can't stand being constricted.

Donna, a few doctors warn against raw fish but it's not widely known. Haven't heard a single warning about cheese, lunchmeat and other listeria hazards.

Misao, hope so too!


I can confirm that year of the tiger people are truly awesome ;) Good choice on timing!

Oh, and I just remembered an old Greek wives' tale that claims eating fish while pregnant will make your baby smart. And I'll bet it's even midwife approved!

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